Bye Bye Plastic was started on the Danish island of Bornholm by German author and amateur whale researcher Steffi Schroeter, then spread to Germany, where today the organization's headquarters are located on the island of Sylt.

Our movement knows no borders, neither in content nor geographically... Therefore we are open for initiatives in all countries.
Our upcoming new website, which will be online from May 2022, will be bilingual German/English, as well as our seal CHANGEMAKER and our sticker BELIEVER!

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Bye Bye Plastik NORWAY

Bye Bye Plastik starts in Norway

If a person walks 5 kilometres a day in their lifetime, they would have walked the entire coast of Norway in 55 years.Norway has just over 100.000 kilometres of coastline, including the fjords and the many small islands. That’s as long as two and a half times around the equator. One hundred thousand kilometres. Of the five and a half million inhabitants, 80% live less than 10 kilometres from the sea. Germany has almost 3700 kilometres of coastline, Denmark 7300 and Sweden 27000 kilometres. The pollution problems of the seas and coasts are the same.Beautiful sandy beaches, rugged, partly vertical cliffs, various stone beaches, the many fjords and over 200,000 islands and islets characterise Norway’s coastline and this fascinating uniqueness. High and low tides, storms and currents bring all kinds of objects that do not naturally belong in the sea to the more than 100,000 kilometres of coastline. The smallest pieces of plastic, fishing lines and other fishing accessories get caught in algae; plastic bags of all kinds, cigarette butts and snus, packaging of all kinds, plastic bottles, industrial waste, building materials, syringes, condoms, rubber gloves and much much more float in the water, are washed ashore, get caught – and are accidentally swallowed by small and large sea creatures. This ends in an agonising death.

Photos: Simone Schwenk-Krebs, Herma Stein

Will you join?

We at Bye Bye Plastik Norway are actively implementing Bye Bye Plastik’s concerns on the ground. Will you join us?Picking up litter from nature and avoiding litter are two important priorities. Both are urgently needed if we as humanity are to continue to inhabit this beautiful planet Earth. Beach collection campaigns, also together with other local initiatives, take place regularly.As a marine conservation organisation, we award our CHANGEMAKER seal of approval to companies, hotels, shops, restaurants and cafés, campsites and many more, also in Norway, after appropriate checks. The online application form for certification will be available on a new website at this domain from around mid-May.

Until then, it can be requested by email from Herma, „MOVER“ of Bye Bye Plastik Norway:


Our vision

We have a vision of oceans that are pure, clear and rich in nutrients.We have a vision of oceans full of biodiversity, life and inhabitants.We have a vision of rivers, streams, lakes and oceans without plastic.We have a vision of the sea being a sustainable and resource-efficient source of food for us humans for generations to come.We believe that we humans can once again understand and experience ourselves as a part of nature and the oceans, and not separate and isolated from them.We believe that every individual – whether citizen, entrepreneur, politician – begins to feel that his or her actions are important and decisive.We believe that each of us can sow seeds with our actions that can bring about great changes.We believe that together we can stem the tide of plastic and every step counts! Every decision to give up and rethink counts! Every action for plastic reduction counts!We believe that businesses and communities have a crucial leadership and role modeling role on the way out of the plastic crisis.We inspire concrete action for plastic reduction. From practice, actionable and with concrete solutions.We motivate to start and implement:  Every step counts! Everyone can make a contribution!

It is never too late and better today than tomorrow and better imperfect than perfect.